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Our History

The Garbutt Magpies Sporting Association began in 1955 playing cricket, AFL, rugby league, softball and vigoro. They were a powerful, cohesive and multicultural club right into the 1990s, and recently, competed successfully in the All Blacks rugby league championships.

The Garbutt Magpies Sporting Association had a great impact on the lives of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people who participated in the association. Many are today’s respected community leaders who have lived healthy, active and highly engaged lives.

Garbutt Magpies representatives act as mentors and present the following initiatives to local schools:

  • A digital history of the Garbutt Magpies, and;
  • A digital story of individual Garbutt Magpies members’ lives, with a focus on lifestyle, family, education, employment, health and community involvement, and;
  • Support for the school staff and AFLQ staff to coach and manage school teams’ participation in the Garbutt Magpies Cup.

The Garbutt Magpies Concept

In traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies, male role models were high valued, however in contemporary society, their role is somewhat unclear. The Garbutt Magpies project introduces past intergenerational male role models to new generations, providing young local kids with role models to aspire to.

Mariakarti nyawa kurranyu nyinama

Look back if you want to go forward

We must look within and deeply engage with our past, recognising how our past has shaped and molded us, making up the people we are today. Only when we do this, are we able to honestly know how our past lives within the present.

Read about how 25 years of Garbutt Magpies has transformed countless boys into men with the Boys to Men Report.



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