Garbutt Magpies “Boys into Men Weekend”  Abergowrie March 11-13.

The weekend focus was on the role of boys and the expectations of respect for men.

Boys into men

Twenty boys attended with seven adult males

This event focused on the philosophy that Garbutt Magpies program of keeping boys close.

You tube link. Video clip of weekend.

The following comments by boys illustrate the success of the weekend.

Boys Into men weekend Comments

I felt excited and happy on the weekend. I love hanging with my mates and doing fun stuff

Michael Schwartz

I Felt like this camp was awesome because we all went swimming and did fun activities. I would want to come again because it was fun to see everyone play.

Tito Solomon

I think it was awesome on the camp. I enjoyed swimming. I liked the camp because it taught us how to be a man

Bryon Jefferies

I felt happiness and excitement this was my first camp and it was fun.

Elliot Ievers

It was great to meet my team and the place we stayed was great too.. My new friends were my team but going to sleep suck

Tathan Jeffress

I really liked this camp trip. I liked how we went for a jog. I liked the camp. it was really fun because of all the stuff we did.

Flynn Ievers

Happy just to spend time together, have fun, exercise and swim. I made new friends with everyone.

Kedar Ross

I want to come again. I made a new friend


I felt happy besides bugs. I liked the camp because it got me out of the house


It was great to get out of the house with mates. I felt the camp was fun. The boys were noisy

Toby Kennedy


What was decided? The boys interacted in a series of workshops and the results were collected on a white board. These will be put on the wall of the clubhouse

  1. Club rules
    • Respect each other and Elders
    • Play safely
    • Listen to peers and coach
    • Teamwork
    • Include Everyone
    • Respect team mates elders’, country and yourself
    • Share the workload
    • Clean up after training and games
    • Stay fit
    • Be positive
    • Be prepared
    • Eat Healthy
  2. What to Value
    • Respect
    • Wisdom
    • Knowledge
    • Leaders
    • Legacy
    • Identity
    • Pride for the LandPride for culture
    • Pride for Honesty and Bravery
    • Experience
    • Relationships Father, Brother, Grand father
    • Lore man
  3. They have been on the land longer than us
    • More experience
    • Knowledge. Pass knowledge through generations.
    • Showed respect to us
    • Teach culture, life, love
    • Face your problems
    • Have done a lot on land
    • Learnt by mistakes
    • Earnt Trust
    • Respect Land and Elders
    • Provide for us
    • Keep us safe